UNKILLED mod apk

UNKILLED mod apk

UNKILLED mod apk som betygsatt 4.4 på googleplay är stor Action app som MADFINGER Games föra oss UNKILLED is a winner! The best-looking zombie shooter

UNKILLED mod apk / Specifikationer

  • Utgivare:
    madfinger games
  • installationer: 1 000 000–5 000 000
  • Betyg: 4.4 / (53)
  • Kategori: Action för APK
  • Pris: Installera
  • Nedladdningar på appsapkfree: 153

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UNKILLED mod apk

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UNKILLED mod apk / Vad är nytt

- Skirmish Ops: Asynchronous PvP:* Build an army of zombies by completing DNA “blueprints”* Cloned and improve your zombies* attack other players’ bases with your zombie army* defend own base against other players’ armies* Overall score recorded on leaderboards* Neutral Zombies - generic missions with hard difficulty- 4 new weapons: Luger P 08, Kyu guntō, Simonov SKS, Thompson M1928- Player nickname option.- UNKILLED web leaderboards for headshots, boss kills etc.- New achievements.